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  1. jlewis709

    made a post on here

    https://healpls.com/ to help populate the server.
  2. jlewis709

    Squad Alpha 8 Released

    probably gonna play dis till i get bf1.
  3. jlewis709

    soon my friend. finally get to meet everyone at the get together

    soon my friend. finally get to meet everyone at the get together
  4. jlewis709

    got my refund for my GTX 970

    no i didnt, that was purchased separate from the rest of my build. i left negative feed back on the customer service rep. however that was awesome amazon would refund something that wasn't even there fault. 
  5. jlewis709

    got my refund for my GTX 970

    here is the transcript. If anyone else bought one i would just copy mine and use it. finial price for my card was $230 after the 20% refund and amazons promo $50 gift card for buying the card.  the bitch couldn't do math and almost shorted me. i left her a shitty review Me:usable memory of...
  6. jlewis709


    Ill be sure to add you and anyone else. It can be repetitive if you keep playing the same role. However there is a game mode called evacuation that plays all maps in different modes, and your not always the same role.
  7. jlewis709

    league season 5 team

    whats your in game name again?
  8. jlewis709

    league season 5 team

    i got 2 irl friends plus me looking to put a team together. id say were mid silver - gold . anyone wanna join?
  9. jlewis709


    i just pre-purchased Evolve. who else is getting the game? feel free to add me on steam . username is bhwarlock or -BZ-JLEWIS709 . forgot what one works.
  10. jlewis709

    It's Friday

    Getting my ass kicked at work...still
  11. jlewis709

    Game stats for bf4

  12. jlewis709

    Real or fake ? Your thoughts

    ya fake. they were eating pasta and that didn't look like pasta  all over here.
  13. jlewis709

    new cod

    trailer looks awesome. however i dont think ill pick up another cod game again. unless more bz's are wanting to.