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  1. GenShineySides

    The Division

    Hey guys that started playing, Found that lvl jump in Darkzone once you pass level 14 you get put into new category. Trying to get alteast 4 people to stay lvl 14 and below so we can give it a good run. Let me know if your interested. I work mostly days on weekend and tonight, But I'll be on...
  2. GenShineySides

    Trying to win Comp on hunter by votes.

    Hey everyone LooseMule submitted a map to be voted on for best setup http://forum.thehunter.com/viewtopic.php?f=142&t=64925 If it is not to much trouble take a few minutes to make an account on the forums and vote for him thanks everyone. 
  3. GenShineySides

    TheHunter Mid Nov Competition

    Jim and myself competed in a big tournament on TheHunter, Jim took first place in Division 3 and I took 2nd in Division 7. Good fun guys I am on my second round of this game and having a whole lot of fun. I want to thank LooseMule, Jim and Jackson for helping me out. Big congrats to Jim we still...
  4. GenShineySides

    Real or fake ? Your thoughts

    Those sounds are hard to fake in my opinion but still. 
  5. GenShineySides

    Mod for Arma 3

    http://www.thezombieinfection.com/ Only got a couple of hours in on it but will be going back to it. If you have Arma 3 check it out, I am not going to praise it as better than DayZ but it is still good. It has its issue's like DayZ as far as glitchs go, but  think its way ahead DayZ...
  6. GenShineySides

    Akkulla Hacking Metro

    Hey this is for you [NJOY]Dude Seriously, tell your friend hope he enjoyed spending 120 bucks on all the games again. Be waiting for that sorry as well.
  7. GenShineySides

    Hacker on All Maps today

    Use your gut if you suspect someone, check them out.
  8. GenShineySides

    Can I get access to this please

    Access please
  9. GenShineySides

    Sooo wtf is up Tank leaders ???

    So we get this going, get people involved. Everyone who has a leadership role on here is MIA ??? So what is it ? We got people on the roster that have left bZ that have ability's. and the people who do play, have none ??? So whats the deal ??? 
  10. GenShineySides

    Banned 10000Schoolgirls

    Hey banned this guy last night 1145 Central. Check his stats out here last night.  http://bf4stats.com/pc/10000SchoolGirls Complete bullshit, surprised he made it this far. But dunno what else needs to be done to make sure he gets his. Just look at his stats retarded like. Didn't record his...
  11. GenShineySides


    Hey everyone might be out of the loop a few days getting surgery done tomorrow see ya guys when I am able to play again
  12. GenShineySides

    BF3 Server

    Hey whats the BZ server info and is it Hardcore?
  13. GenShineySides

    New "might of seen me on DayZ servers"

    Hey whats up everyone, Name is Josh. Play DayZ when I am not busy with the family or work, Tired of lone sharking it. I also play Halo 4, AC3, Planet Side 2. Pretty laid back person, try not to take things so seriously. Little about me, in the Army going on 10 yrs stationed at Fort Campbell. Got...