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  1. Drunk


    I received the same email a couple months back. Now remember everyone PB Bans & PunkBuster are two different entities just because PB Bans shuts down doesn't clean every slate only the ones that PB Bans deemed necessary that PunkBuster did not. However, it is bad to see this information...
  2. Drunk

    Word Association Thread!!!!!!1!!

  3. Drunk

    Saying Hello

    Just wanted to stop by and let everyone know I am still alive and kicking, although I have been dealing with some major health issues. I miss gaming with you guys and gals and wish I could find more time to do so, but it just hasn't been in the cards. I will try and jump on TS tonight and chat...
  4. Drunk

    New Build

    I have finally got all the pieces for my new build not the best CPU but good enough, AMD FX 6300 (3.5GHZ, 6 Core), $109 AsRock Fatality 990FX Killer MB, $139 (For the price, it offers high end board specs) 8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM, $79 Geforce GTX 680 4GB, $100 240GB SSD Samsung EVO, $139...
  5. Drunk

    Great news !!!!!!!

    Congrats brother!!!!!
  6. Drunk

    Drunk is on his Way!!! BF4

    I am but work and Drunk got in the way a little I will be on this week I promise. Problem is it will probably be in the morning or early afternoon.
  7. Drunk

    Drunk is on his Way!!! BF4

    Hello gents & ladies, I am giving fair warning the Drunk is back as I write this I am currently downloading all the content for BF4. It was put on sale today for only $80.28 which includes all expansions with early access to each and bonus content, and I could not pass that deal up at a $30...
  8. Drunk

    Saying Hello

    Hi Everyone I am sorry I haven't been around for a while but I guess managing a bar was a little more involved than I thought. I missed getting on and chatting with everyone. I have also been recovering from an extended stay of 18 days at the hospital for my Diverticulitis, however, I will be...
  9. Drunk

    Banned 10000Schoolgirls

    What makes me believe he is a hack is the headshot kill % on the individual weapons.
  10. Drunk

    Anybody can help me?

    In a perfect world, they would delete his/her posts after the items were sold, however, this is not a perfect world. With that said, I would do what Hillbilly said above!!
  11. Drunk


    Thanks I found one of them!!!!
  12. Drunk


    Anyone got links, so I can watch the Cowboys game!!!!
  13. Drunk

    Priority Settings

  14. Drunk


    Happy B-Day Popas!!!!!
  15. Drunk

    Priority Settings

    For those of you that are changing the priority settings for BF4 to help smooth out the game, I found this program that extends the windows task manager and allows you to save your priority settings permanently. It's called Prio and you can find it here: http://www.prnwatch.com/prio/..
  16. Drunk

    oldie but a goody

    Happy B-Day Jaxx!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Drunk

    TS Down

    Yea Cuba it is back up, and by the way, I would be willing to help and see if we can get you playing this beta if you want to try
  18. Drunk

    TS Down

    I have been on TS all day and now it has disconnected and will not allow reconnection. 10/9/2013 @ 4:16 PM
  19. Drunk

    Good Things Do Happen To Me!

    No, a friend of mine that does character modeling for animation bought it until the 6 or 8 GB Titan card came into stock, and he is trying to get me involved so he sold it very cheap to me. He paid like $560 for it only five months ago.
  20. Drunk

    Good Things Do Happen To Me!

    I was just able to pick up the ASUS GeForce GTX680-DC2-4GD5 for only a $100. Finally, a lucky day for me.