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  1. Drunk

    Saying Hello

    Just wanted to stop by and let everyone know I am still alive and kicking, although I have been dealing with some major health issues. I miss gaming with you guys and gals and wish I could find more time to do so, but it just hasn't been in the cards. I will try and jump on TS tonight and chat...
  2. Drunk

    New Build

    I have finally got all the pieces for my new build not the best CPU but good enough, AMD FX 6300 (3.5GHZ, 6 Core), $109 AsRock Fatality 990FX Killer MB, $139 (For the price, it offers high end board specs) 8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM, $79 Geforce GTX 680 4GB, $100 240GB SSD Samsung EVO, $139...
  3. Drunk

    Drunk is on his Way!!! BF4

    Hello gents & ladies, I am giving fair warning the Drunk is back as I write this I am currently downloading all the content for BF4. It was put on sale today for only $80.28 which includes all expansions with early access to each and bonus content, and I could not pass that deal up at a $30...
  4. Drunk

    Saying Hello

    Hi Everyone I am sorry I haven't been around for a while but I guess managing a bar was a little more involved than I thought. I missed getting on and chatting with everyone. I have also been recovering from an extended stay of 18 days at the hospital for my Diverticulitis, however, I will be...
  5. Drunk


    Anyone got links, so I can watch the Cowboys game!!!!
  6. Drunk

    Priority Settings

    For those of you that are changing the priority settings for BF4 to help smooth out the game, I found this program that extends the windows task manager and allows you to save your priority settings permanently. It's called Prio and you can find it here: http://www.prnwatch.com/prio/..
  7. Drunk

    TS Down

    I have been on TS all day and now it has disconnected and will not allow reconnection. 10/9/2013 @ 4:16 PM
  8. Drunk

    Good Things Do Happen To Me!

    I was just able to pick up the ASUS GeForce GTX680-DC2-4GD5 for only a $100. Finally, a lucky day for me.
  9. Drunk


    I stopped into TS tonight to say hello, but my mic decided not to cooperate with my plans. I know some of you know I was laid up in the hospital for a while and I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the prayers and best wishes from my -bZ- family.
  10. Drunk

    Happy Thanksgiving bZ!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone enjoy your day with family and friends!!!
  11. Drunk

    Thanks Guys

    I appreciate all of you that have followed my posts on FB about my grades and finally finding a job, although it's only a summer job, but its better than nothing. I only re-registered so I could tell those who have given me support, thank you. I appreciate that it goes a long way with me.