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  1. Bounty7565

    Can't play as much

    Hopefully they'll help you. I've been dealing with my ISP for years, and they take care of me now, but it did take a lot of complaining before anything changed. They too oversold, and they excused this by stating that it was listed in the legal terms that speed was not guaranteed. I ended up...
  2. Bounty7565

    Do you likey the new website?? :-)

    Very nice work fellas! Looks awesome.
  3. Bounty7565

    GTX 1080

     I have two 780 TI's that I bought literally the day they came out. They were $750 each.... And they're  now releasing new cards at $600? Why the price drop? 
  4. Bounty7565

    Never Mind

    A very thoughtful, meaningful post!  :razz:  
  5. Bounty7565

    Captain's Night?

    I am totally in agreement with Jackson. I think it would be a mistake to lock down our primary servers to the public, as they may have intentions of joining our server to play, only to find themselves locked out, and thus would go to a different server. This could have a negative impact and...
  6. Bounty7565

    New Vehicle Shopping

    Have you experienced this?  4Runners and Tacos are great, they'll last forever if taken care of. 
  7. Bounty7565

    New Vehicle Shopping

    What type of vehicle are you looking for? SUV? Truck? Both are fairly easy to come by. I'm more of a truck person, I prefer GMC or Ford, but that's really up to you and what you need and want. 
  8. Bounty7565


    Isn't that Anaheim? That'd put you about 100 miles west of me. 
  9. Bounty7565


    Indian Wells, CA, which is 120 miles NE of San Diego. 
  10. Bounty7565


    Howdy. I'm Bounty. I've been hanging out around the bZ gameservers for a few days and teamspeak, and decided yesterday to take the plunge and apply. I'm from Portland, Oregon, however spend a lot of time on the Oregon Coast, Southern California, and Florida. I also travel a lot, so I may not...