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    Who's that again?

    Hey guys, I was just talking with Josh about BanZore and i thought maybe i should let you all know im still alive. I know it's been kinda weird the way i drifted away from BZ. And i realized i never really thanked you all (at least the ones who remember me) for the geat times i had with you...
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    I need help WEBMASTER !!!!

    Happy birthdayyy! :mrgreen:
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    Wasn't spamming my facebook enough? :mrgreen: Thank you all!
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    Why Wiz ain't been around

    Damn, thanks for reminding me to write out 2 projects i forgot about. ¬¬ Good luck on it!
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    It's been quite a while...

    Blanka!! Missed you :mrgreen:
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    Another day older

    What they said! :mrgreen:
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    I have an Idear

    Make a grand roll! I'd set 20 bucks special donation to that one. :mrgreen: Though i'm not sure if the money would end up in rolling a dice, or some nice shots.. :idea:
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    Holy shit !!!

    Happy birthday sicaa! :mrgreen:
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    combat lolz

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    Need to get the Dragon out

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    Happy Birthday A-Girl!

    Gefeliciteerd!! Have a good one! :mrgreen:
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    Just want to say hello

    Cool. Good luck with it :mrgreen:
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    Just want to say hello

    i hate fires.. Burnt places are the hardest thing to investigate lol. I went to some training spot for firefighters, where they had build a crime scene. We had to find the beginning of the fire, and the cause of it. Harddd.
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    Just want to say hello

    Fire vs lead! :mrgreen: Wb.
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    Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, that sounds.. ehm, scary?
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    Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe i'm there in a year. Doing my final internship out there. Just need to find a place to take it. :mrgreen:
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    Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

    Was my first too lol. To young to enter, but hey, i was a girl right? :mrgreen: Even though i never seen or met one of you, it feels like a second family too, and you all mean alot to me! (enjoy it cuz i'm never this sensitive lol.)
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    Killdream App

    It's from the song..
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    Killdream App

    Lol let them talk! Welcome to the forums, and gl on your recruitment!