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    Complaint Handled Complaint from pipelin21 about player callmesaynt

    Dam, still on a Samsung s7 cracked screen here Oh the Shame of it :confused:
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    Complaint Handled Complaint from pipelin21 about player callmesaynt

    Nice catch, and great video for a Phone
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    Appeal Approved Ban Appeal: L0IIyp0p8o

    In-game Name L0IIyp0p8o Have you cheated before? No What's your side of the story as to why you were banned? Well it kind of funny I did a report today for a guy on a mountain ( https://banzore.com/forums/threads/complaint-from-razorbites-about-player-ineedanewgpu.7120/ and Admin said...
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    Complaint Handled Complaint from RazorBites about player IneedAnewGPU

    Who are you reporting? IneedAnewGPU Date of incident Aug 7, 2020 Which server were you on? bZ #4 24/7 Locker Describe the incident This guy was Mountain Glitching yesterday and again today I asked him not to he's LVL140 should know better he went off on me abit and said report me etc...
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    Complaint Handled Complaint from pipelin21 about player pricier

    Well I Spectated him today no sign of aimbot maybe Walls esp shot through smoke abit getting kills , however I did notice he's now banned on BF4DB https://bf4db.com/player/1003723486426
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    Is the Mav allowed to be in a Glitch or out of Bounds Area ?

    better chance with a flare
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    Is the Mav allowed to be in a Glitch or out of Bounds Area ?

    Almost every Time I play Lockers H0telQuebec has his Mav on the top Railing Map Lockers flag C, and ofc it cant be shot behind the railing have to grab the Auto shotty and frags seems wrong a Mav can be there but a person would be likely FF banned
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    Complaint Handled Complaint from pipelin21 about player pricier

    On bf4db profile he calls himself Ex Pro player etc so guess he could be but Dam I see a lot of ppl with a 5+ k/d new account saying this sort of thing now why don't they just say Who there main account is, so it can be verified Like a Temp\ban if they are suss until they Log in on there Main...
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    Complaint from The_Dud3 about player Toxcisity and intentional moving of me to losing team with a qu

    I was in that game didn't seem to toxic to me H0telQuebec has been worse before, and I swapped he or others may of swapped sides and that would auto balance someone to the other team.
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    Team switching,

    I swap normally when c is taken on lockers, or a see some ppl I know, like my mav buddy, but yeah mainly for c flag the Tower is All mine its the best place to fire frags down on ppl :) also its no fun being base raped for 20min I do prefer the winning team Maybe a Nuke Option would help that...
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    Last one to post...WINS!

    so for my 1st wish genie, I'm the winner !!! (and if anyone reply's after me does not love there Mom) 2nd wish just incase they did reply Blow them UP! and 3rd wish I'm the Winner Still. Oh and Close the Thread I Won.
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    Team switching,

    You really don't like me doing it aye buddy oh well BF4 is full of annoyances ppl deal with Hackers, mountain Glitches, and team killers, !Moveme is just a VIP Perk Friend, support the servers with a $ donation like I do Love Lollypop80 :)
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    Last one to post...WINS!

    admin please close this thread.
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    Complaint from iLeoFPS about player Server kicks me for no reason

    maybe a Maybe just a EA problem I had it 5 times myself seems ok now
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    Complaint Handled Complaint from CheesyHTP about player AllWhtsAreRacist

    That's sad must be upsetting to some but I'm sure he/she is just angry inside, that cant be a good life to live, but what you can do is Press H to hide the chat don't let yourself be affected by BS if you Think about what they say and get upset ...they are winning ….. Laugh and move...
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    Complaint from ArcAlphaSev about player Punkbuster

    Had this myself normally install latest version From even balance fix's it get it here >> http://www.evenbalance.com/pbsetup.php
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    Complaint from ArcAlphaSev about player Punkbuster

    ^^^ Reporting punkbuster that's GOLD right there!
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    Appeal Approved Ban Appeal: russiansp1234

    Longest Kill Steak 103 Longest Nemesis Steak Does look like stat padding 103
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    Complaint Handled Complaint from Fabinhoooo_exe about player Agent-Smith-CUBA

    kids are called little monkeys all the time don't know why a adult would take offence its just bananas!
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    Appeal Approved Ban Appeal: DonPollo_exe

    ak12 for the win wow and those spots impressive