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  1. jlewis709

    made a post on here

    https://healpls.com/ to help populate the server.
  2. jlewis709

    got my refund for my GTX 970

    here is the transcript. If anyone else bought one i would just copy mine and use it. finial price for my card was $230 after the 20% refund and amazons promo $50 gift card for buying the card.  the bitch couldn't do math and almost shorted me. i left her a shitty review Me:usable memory of...
  3. jlewis709

    league season 5 team

    i got 2 irl friends plus me looking to put a team together. id say were mid silver - gold . anyone wanna join?
  4. jlewis709


    i just pre-purchased Evolve. who else is getting the game? feel free to add me on steam . username is bhwarlock or -BZ-JLEWIS709 . forgot what one works.
  5. jlewis709

    guild tabard for ESO

    just a though
  6. jlewis709

    elder scrolls online!

    guilds up. ebonhart pact. message me in game to join @jlewis
  7. jlewis709


    im not sure who i wanna go with. what do you guys use. advice please!