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  1. Topher

    Complaint Handled Complaint from OmeihKyamari about player MrCarefullSniper

    He's banned, thanks for pointing that out. https://battlefield.agency/player/71d60248-ade6-4a5b-9b79-baa4c5166cfb
  2. Topher

    Complaint Handled Complaint from bryaneytor about player JD3NK

    Banned thank you. https://battlefield.agency/player/9b14b437-79c3-47d4-b820-09a86ed9c186
  3. Topher

    Complaint Handled Complaint from JusticeForSom3 about player JD3NK

    Banned, thank you. https://battlefield.agency/player/9b14b437-79c3-47d4-b820-09a86ed9c186
  4. Topher

    Complaint Handled Complaint from dek128 about player Hart710

    Gave him a timeout, thank you.
  5. Topher

    Complaint from SilentGhost about player budmanaxle

    Do you have video evidence of this? At least from my understanding his chatlogs don't incriminate him.
  6. Topher

    Complaint from Paintfreak78 about player i am getting kicked for no aparent reason in the BF4 TDM server

    Are you using the in game menu or the web browser menu? If using the in game, try using the web browser. It will give you a detailed kick message and let me know what that says!
  7. Topher

    External Ban Ban Appeal: thunderfire269

    You were banned by Battlefield Agency, you would need to join their discord to file an appeal with them. https://battlefield.agency/player/461737d6-c81d-4a9b-b822-31594125387e
  8. Topher

    Appeal Denied Ban Appeal: Bennvyy

    So now it changed to you forgot. I'm not buying it, from reading chatlogs it looks like you intentionally tried to get people to say it and with the wording being changed from didn't know to you forgot after me providing proof, I'm going to deny this appeal
  9. Topher

    Appeal Denied Ban Appeal: Bennvyy

    You didn't know? Looks like you did it yourself talking about biden, then learned about it and decided to get other people to fall for it.
  10. Topher

    In need of a new mouse

    I can either use my basilisk with the cable, or wireless, sometimes I charge it with the cable and sometimes I charge it on the dock when i'm AFK. But there are times where I actually forget it's plugged in because the cord is so light. You won't get a light cord on the g502's. At least to my...
  11. Topher

    In need of a new mouse

    basilisk v2 is wired :p
  12. Topher

    In need of a new mouse

    IMO, the razer basilisk is a lot better than the G502, I've had 3 g502's and I like the razer basilisk a lot more. More features, the mouse is lighter, more buttons, same shape as the G502. There' s a few versions of the basilisk but I have the ultimate. Tail as in wired? If so go for the...
  13. Topher

    Complaint Handled Complaint from Danboom101 about player sharquese_jenae

    I think it was just because I hopped in the 7 server to handle it but I was the only one in the server lol. So they game just picked up on my name.
  14. Topher

    Complaint Handled Complaint from puffin96 about player kumchampion

    Stealing vehicles from enemy spawn is allowed, when you steal an enemy vehicle you just can't defend yourself.
  15. Topher

    Complaint Handled Complaint from Danboom101 about player sharquese_jenae

    If you see him in server again, PM me on Discord. Tried to go in game to handle this and was met with 'Fuzzy match player found' and it only found my username lol.
  16. Topher

    Complaint Handled Complaint from MagnaDefenderr about player WAFAREAL Aimbot/ESP

    Damn, played against him and just thought he got a few lucky shots on me. Banned, thank you. https://battlefield.agency/player/93f7ed75-ed9e-4d96-be54-d31ef0e24351