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  1. Spartan

    Last one to post...WINS!

    i win
  2. Spartan

    Last one to post...WINS!

  3. Spartan

    long time.

    hope you are all doing well!! i hope to game with u all soon!!
  4. Spartan

    long time.

    Hey banzore how has everyone been!
  5. Spartan

    Nice ass-ault!

    what did i just watch 
  6. Spartan


    maybe you should go help someone over at XYZ?? 
  7. Spartan

    Last one to post...WINS!

    whats the prize
  8. Spartan

    hello from spartan

    i got it!!
  9. Spartan

    Hey all!

    where at in the north west do you live?
  10. Spartan

    Hey all!

  11. Spartan


    kratos likes to eat pussy that was dipped in a honey
  12. Spartan


    im pretty sure jaxx was the one that offered  the blow job!! 
  13. Spartan


    bro my bad i haven't checked the forums all year!!  
  14. Spartan


    i miss all the good shit!! 
  15. Spartan

    Drunk is on his Way!!! BF4

    did this ever happen any proof? 
  16. Spartan

    Gamespy Shutting Down

    why are they shutting down?
  17. Spartan

    The Hunter!

    im getting it! 
  18. Spartan

    big fella

    happy birthday! 
  19. Spartan

    no words..I am speechless

    what the fuck is wiz giving fat chicks rides!!!