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    Getting kicked for no ping

    Well that answers that. I have checked all my settings, everything I can think of and nothing works. Unfortunately I won't be able to play on BZ servers any longer I guess.
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    Getting kicked for no ping

    Ok. That makes sense then. I don't think my firewall settings changed, but that's the only thing I can think of. I know EA was having loads of trouble with servers for a few hours today, so that could also be it? It's odd, cause I remember distinctly that I never could see my ping before, for as...
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    Getting kicked for no ping

    I've been playing on your BZ7 Rush server for quite a while and just now am getting kicked automatically for having no ping. I've got ethernet directly into my router, no hotspot, no dorm wifi or anything. Never experienced anything along these lines until now. I had another person who was...