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Banzore BF4 Seeder (Standalone Application)


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Current Version: 1.6

What is seeding?

Seeding in terms of BF4 is simply leaving your player in the servers to help them show up in people's default server filters and quick play enticing players to join, hence populating the servers. Without seeders, our servers wouldn't fill up each day and we wouldn't have full servers to play on. Seeding is the single most important thing to keeping our servers going, even more important than donations.

This program is designed to run on your computer while you are away/asleep/etc. It automatically puts your player into servers that need help populating or staying populated, and automatically removes your player from servers when the server has a healthy population. The net result if left running 24/7 is about 6-8 hours worth of seeding each day.

If you want to seed but don't quite understand how this works, reach out to me. I'll be more than happy to help you get things setup and show you how to run it and update it. It's literally one click to start and a huge help to our servers!


I've been working on a new seeder that's even easier and better than the Chrome extension and now I'm ready to share the fruits of my labor :)

The way this works is by interfacing with Origin directly on your machine instead of via Battlelog. Most of the bugs/issues with the Chrome extension actually stemmed from Battlelog itself. Some perks of the native application as well is that it can interface with the OS directly to kill hung BF4 process, and catch a few other conditions that a Chrome extension wasn't able to deal with due to limitations of Battlelog.

Do not start the game manually! This does it all for you.

2020-05-22 16_18_13-Window.png

  1. Download bf4seed.zip which is attached to this post.
  2. Unzip bf4seed.zip. Move the bf4seed folder to a convenient location. I'd recommend your desktop for ease of access.
  3. In the "bf4seed" folder, click on "bf4seed.exe". The first time you run it you'll be asked for your Origin email, password, and whether or not you have DLC. Subsequent runs will not ask you for this information. Note that your password will be stored in plain text in a configuration file "bf4seed.conf.json" in the same folder as the exe.
  4. Recommended: Disable Origin In-Game and Cloud Saves. This can be done in Origin under the File > Application Settings menu on the Installs & Saves tab and Origin In-Game tab.
You need to be logged into Origin for this to work, but that's the only requirement. As of version 1.5 Origin launching/login is handled automatically if it's not already launched/logged in.

Windows Defender will complain about the application being from an "unknown publisher". You can simply click "More info" and "Run anyway". The application has been 100% written from the ground up by me and contains no malicious code. If you don't trust me or take my word for it, feel free to scan it with external virus scanners or simply don't run it.

The use of the AutoHotkeys Anti-Idle script is highly recommended. You can get it at https://banzore.com/forums/threads/bf4-anti-idle-with-autohotkeys-no-afk-kick.6790/
AHK is now built-in as of version 1.0.7.

Upgrading to New Versions

UPDATE: As of version 1.0.5 an updater is included in the download. You can simply run "bf4seed-updater.exe" to grab any available updates.

Delete your existing "bf4seed" folder and download/unzip the new one and follow the installation instructions above.

Known Issues

  • If you use two-factor authentication on your EA account then this will not work.
  • If Origin crashes, this will crash. It cannot work without Origin anyway so this isn't really an issue with the script other than the fact that you'll have to start it again after restarting Origin.

Thanks to @assault @SquarePanties @Onyx and @k1ll3mALL for being guinea pigs and trying this out early on when bugs were a plenty!

Please report any bugs, issues, etc. within this thread to help others and keep things organized for me.


  • bf4seed-v1.3.zip
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v1.6 - 12/1/20
- Automatically recover from EA downtime or other situations where Origin gets logged out.

v1.5 - 10/25/20
- Automagically start/login to Origin

v1.4 - Mid Oct. 2020
- Reduce calls to EA to improve stability

v1.3 - 7/17/20
- Fix another script crash when Origin locks up
- Update latest version check function

v1.2 - 6/30/20
- Fix config fetching errors
- Get loading timeout dynamically from banzore.com

v1.1 - 6/15/20
- Add timeouts to all HTTP requests to avoid certain lockups of the seeder when Origin crashes
- Avoid excessive Origin restarts - improve crash detection and restart logic
- Add feature to request exit permission from banzore.com before leaving server to prevent too many seeders from leaving at once
- Double check when personaId not returned from keeper (avoid thinking player isn't in server when actually in server due to EA inconsistencies)
- Clarify wording in launch permission denied messages
- Send log status when in EA lockout prevention mode

v1.0.9 - 6/9/20
- Request permission from banzore.com before joining server. This is to prevent too many seeders from joining a single server at one time.
- Disconnect from server if player count drops below the min threshold (if we don't have enough seeders to save the server)
- Fix more crashes when EA sites/services are unstable

v1.0.8 - 5/30/20
- Separate status reporting from config fetching

v1.0.7 - 5/28/20
- Report persona ID (unique number representing an account) and seeder version to the config server to allow an accurate count of players currently seeding to determine additional logic
- Include compiled, standalone copy of AHK script that can be run automatically with the seeder
- Replace the Origin killgame command with hard killing of the bf4.exe process
- Try to detect some Origin failures and restart origin when necessary
- Add code to update the update script
- When running the update script it will automatically start seeding upon update completion
- Various minor code fixes/improvements

v1.0.6 - 5/24/20
- Fix excessive connection attempt code which was erroneously not fully functional in v1.0.5.

v1.0.5 - 5/23/20
- Fix excessive connection attempts if the game fails to fully load/connect more than once in a 15-minute period. This is to avoid EA account lockouts.
- Add update script to make updates easier
- Update except blocks to only catch exceptions, not things like KeyboardInterrupt
- Update status from Origin once every 30 seconds (instead of always once per second) if game is not running. Hopefully this will avoid some Origin crashes/lockups.
- Update source of latest version and prevent failing out if the latest version cannot be fetched from banzore.com.

v1.0.4 - 5/22/20
- Fix issue causing seeders to join servers when populations are healthy caused by EA reporting 0 players on the server during map changes.

v1.0.3 - 5/22/20
- Initial public release
- Fix race condition resulting in crash if game is forcefully killed and attempts to restart shortly thereafter when certain conditions are met.
- Add information about current version and new versions in the startup output.

v1.0.2 - 5/20/20
Initial testing release
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Released version 1.0.6 with a minor patch for the excessive connection attempt protection code. For anyone already on version 1.0.5 simply close the seeder, run the updater, then restart the seeder.

There's also a new recommend step - disabling Origin In-Game and Origin Cloud Saves to increase the reliability/stability of Origin thus increasing the reliability of seeding.


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Released version 1.0.7 with 2 major additions and various minor ones. The big ones are support for restarting Origin if it crashes, and the second is built-in Autohotkeys for anti-idle.

You no longer need to deal with AHK scripts - the seeder now does it automatically.


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Version 1.0.8 released. This is a relatively minor update with no bug fixes, only some changes in the way seeding status is reported to banzore.com.


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Version 1.0.9 released which includes code to prevent more crashes when EA sites are unstable, and a few logic improvements.


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Is this where I post to request permission to seed? Thanks!

No need for permission, just download it, follow the instructions above, and run it when you're not on your computer :)

For the more technically inclined we have a pre-made VM image to let you run multiple seed accounts as well if that tickles your fancy.


-bZ- Member
No need for permission, just download it, follow the instructions above, and run it when you're not on your computer :)

For the more technically inclined we have a pre-made VM image to let you run multiple seed accounts as well if that tickles your fancy.
Awesome! Downloading now! I'll reach out if I have any questions/issues getting it set up! Thanks!


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Awesome! Downloading now! I'll reach out if I have any questions/issues getting it set up! Thanks!
Alright, I'm all setup and it seems to be working. When it puts me in a server do I join as a spectator or do I appear as a player who is just AFK?


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Alright, I'm all setup and it seems to be working. When it puts me in a server do I join as a spectator or do I appear as a player who is just AFK?

Yep I see you in the seeding system. It will put you in as a player but will not spawn you in.


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Neo, the other day in the meeting you posted a link about who's seeding now. Can you post that link here?


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downloading BF4 now, "Capstar362-Seed" will be up and running shortly


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hey Neo, whats this about

WARSAW-GAME StateChanged
WARSAW-GAME StateChanged State_Connecting State_ClaimReservation 1967522794

Game status: connecting bz3
Game status: not running
Fetched config
Server bz1 has 0 players.
Server bz2 has 0 players.
Server bz3 has 0 players.
Server bz4 has 0 players.
Server bz5 has 0 players.
Server bz6 has 0 players.
Server bz1 requires DLC and our setting for DLC is "no". Skipping.
Server bz6 requires DLC and our setting for DLC is "no". Skipping.
Failed to fully load game more than once in the past 10 minutes. Waiting 10 minutes before trying again to avoid EA account lockout.
SUCCESS: The process "Origin.exe" with PID 6916 has been terminated.
Killed Origin. Waiting 30 seconds to restart it...

the game launched and then it died, then it literally killed origin and now its nothing but crashes and errors trying to relaunch it