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Banzore BF4 Seeder (Standalone Application)


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thats just it, origin crashes now on the relaunch, so does BF4


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okay question, if Origin is not in the default folder, does bf4seed know where to look for it?

seeder stopped again, last entries where Origin stopped, waiting to restart, then, specified file not found..... i dont have Origin on my System Drive, because its a small SSD.

Do i need to move it there to stop this Origin closed and restart = total seed fail.


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The seeder expects Origin to be in the default location on C: If it's not there, it can't restart it and the seeder will die when/if Origin crashes.

The amount of work needed for it to "find" Origin elsewhere is simply not worth it.
Thanks for the obvious hard work on this. Does this add a lot of load on your computer in general since this one doesn't have to run in chrome to operate? Also, I'm assuming here that if you want multiple seeders in a server you'd need multiple using the app to add the players.

Banzore BF4 seeder version 1.1 starting up.
Checking for updates...
You have the latest version. Continuing.
Updated bf4seed-updater.exe
Fetching compiled AHK script from banzore.com website
Starting AHK Script
Login status: 200
Successfully logged in as b00y4
Fetched config
Problem updating config. Waiting 10 seconds and trying again.

And got an error first time out. Probably something I did.

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@b00y4 thanks for downloading the seeder. It doesn't use any more than regularly running BF4 does. To run multiple seeders on the same computer it requires multiple BF4 accounts and virtual machines. Some of us run 4-5 seeders on one machine without issue, but it requires a good bit of CPU and RAM to do that. On average about 1 core and 3GB of RAM per seeder.

I personally have 2 desktops that I run 5 each on, and a server that runs 13 seeders so I'm running about 23 total. @Onyx runs 4 on one of his machines.

I forgot to push an update a while back to fix this specific bug. I just pushed it so if you run the updater real quick everything should start working for you :)


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v1.2 released with minor changes. No rush to update to this version if the seeder has been working fine for you - this is only to fix a few specific edge cases.
I can report that the bug is definitely fixed! I started it this morning and it showed the update. I ran the seed updater and it did, then made the connection with no problems. Only issue now is that it seeds banzone and not my server lol



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v1.5 release with a pretty major improvement: automatic login to Origin. This should help significantly when EA craps out and kills everyone's Origin sessions, especially VMs.


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ive restarted seeder and windows, deleted and reloaded seeder, Origin is running on the server and logged in,
Hello neonardo1!

I found this via google, I'm looking for a working seeder to use for our own servers. Do you have any plans to release a version where one could add at least one custom server to populate?
Would you release such a customizable version for a donation?
Current Version: 1.5

What is seeding?

Seeding in terms of BF4 is simply leaving your player in the servers to help them show up in people's default server filters and quick play enticing players to join, hence populating the servers. Without seeders, our servers wouldn't fill up each day and we wouldn't have full servers to play on. Seeding is the single most important thing to keeping our servers going, even more important than donations.

This program is designed to run on your computer while you are away/asleep/etc. It automatically puts your player into servers that need help populating or staying populated, and automatically removes your player from servers when the server has a healthy population. The net result if left running 24/7 is about 6-8 hours worth of seeding each day.

If you want to seed but don't quite understand how this works, reach out to me. I'll be more than happy to help you get things setup and show you how to run it and update it. It's literally one click to start and a huge help to our servers!


I've been working on a new seeder that's even easier and better than the Chrome extension and now I'm ready to share the fruits of my labor :)

The way this works is by interfacing with Origin directly on your machine instead of via Battlelog. Most of the bugs/issues with the Chrome extension actually stemmed from Battlelog itself. Some perks of the native application as well is that it can interface with the OS directly to kill hung BF4 process, and catch a few other conditions that a Chrome extension wasn't able to deal with due to limitations of Battlelog.

Do not start the game manually! This does it all for you.

View attachment 6182

  1. Download bf4seed.zip which is attached to this post.
  2. Unzip bf4seed.zip. Move the bf4seed folder to a convenient location. I'd recommend your desktop for ease of access.
  3. In the "bf4seed" folder, click on "bf4seed.exe". The first time you run it you'll be asked for your Origin email, password, and whether or not you have DLC. Subsequent runs will not ask you for this information. Note that your password will be stored in plain text in a configuration file "bf4seed.conf.json" in the same folder as the exe.
  4. Recommended: Disable Origin In-Game and Cloud Saves. This can be done in Origin under the File > Application Settings menu on the Installs & Saves tab and Origin In-Game tab.
You need to be logged into Origin for this to work, but that's the only requirement. As of version 1.5 Origin launching/login is handled automatically if it's not already launched/logged in.

Windows Defender will complain about the application being from an "unknown publisher". You can simply click "More info" and "Run anyway". The application has been 100% written from the ground up by me and contains no malicious code. If you don't trust me or take my word for it, feel free to scan it with external virus scanners or simply don't run it.

The use of the AutoHotkeys Anti-Idle script is highly recommended. You can get it at https://banzore.com/forums/threads/bf4-anti-idle-with-autohotkeys-no-afk-kick.6790/
AHK is now built-in as of version 1.0.7.

Upgrading to New Versions

UPDATE: As of version 1.0.5 an updater is included in the download. You can simply run "bf4seed-updater.exe" to grab any available updates.

Delete your existing "bf4seed" folder and download/unzip the new one and follow the installation instructions above.

Known Issues

  • If you use two-factor authentication on your EA account then this will not work.
  • If Origin crashes, this will crash. It cannot work without Origin anyway so this isn't really an issue with the script other than the fact that you'll have to start it again after restarting Origin.

Thanks to @assault @SquarePanties @Onyx and @k1ll3mALL for being guinea pigs and trying this out early on when bugs were a plenty!

Please report any bugs, issues, etc. within this thread to help others and keep things organized for me.
i think ill give it a swing. I def wanna help. Ill let you know if i have any issues. Do we get anything for doing it? Not that i am expecting I wanna make the team thats all.
i think ill give it a swing. I def wanna help. Ill let you know if i have any issues. Do we get anything for doing it? Not that i am expecting I wanna make the team thats all.
It will self-recover in 10 mins...or you can restart the seeder.
No issues at all. Took me about 5 min to download config my Origin and game settings extract run login and boom!
Hi Guys, getting some weird error

Starting AHK Script
Login status: 200
<class 'KeyError'>
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "bf4seed.py", line 665, in <module>
File "bf4seed.py", line 310, in main
File "bf4seed.py", line 82, in get_session
File "site-packages\requests\cookies.py", line 328, in __getitem__
File "site-packages\requests\cookies.py", line 399, in _find_no_duplicates
KeyError: "name='beaker.session.id', domain=None, path=None"

An uncorrectable error was encountered. Please report this bug at https://banzore.com/bf4seed and try running this application again.

I tried multiple times still getting the same error


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It's failing to log you in successfully. Are you sure the email/pw combo is correct? Do you use 2 factor auth with EA?