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CongratZ CUBA!

its about a half hour before hand, just wanted to say congratz on the addition to the cupcake moron crew (cMc)


Bald fat guy.
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That's how ya' do it!

Good job guys! Tell her, "Daddy loves you, but I got a server to populates!!!"
Slingblade said:
Dats alot of child support monez
Don't worry, you gotta make cash-monez before you have to pay child support :wink:

and being the fearless leader of the (cMc) doesn't pay anything LMAO! :wink:

Congratulations Cube & Percy!!!


-bZ- Member
awe and the baby is cute too!
Congrats again Cuba, she is a cutie!! Not sure how I feel about a Female Cuba walking around in the world though? A little frightened I think.