i'm chinese


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i'm a Chinese player i choose quit. i feel shame and the Game should change a name playerunknown's what ♥♥♥♥ing happened.
first i'm a Chinese
i choose quit is because the most part of cheaters are Chinese.
what a shame!!!!
and whole asia rank list is cheating ad.even NA ranklist
WG in Chinese is Waigua(外挂) it means Cheating tool.
and look at the bbs... the cheating ad even in there.

why there are many Chinese cheater i think

1.unfair social development and quick social rhythm cause most rich or near rich people have low education(they become rich is beacuse real estate development . so they don't want to develop their skill to play game so they use money buy cheating tool.

2.blind patriostism.it happen is because near 200 years history.it let chinese people think use tool kill foreign player.so it cause H1Z1 red army.i think

i like the game and i know they are bad people in any contry. but today. i inability to explain for China.

So i choose quit.
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