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TL;DR: I want this account deleted, I don't wish to be here for many reasons.

TL;DID READ: So I found this "Clan" on as I was trying to find more people who played League of Legends. I went through and wasted 2 hours trying to register on both this "Clan's" website and Teamspeak, going through all the forums, trying to find someone on Teamspeak (which I've never used TeamSpeak since I'm a Discord person) so I've found the experience to be a bit uncomfortable and disappointing as it turns out this clan doesn't seem to do much LoL according to the 5 or so forum posts on here since it's all about FPS games, which I don't play and the other games you guys play, I don't play. I also tried finding your guy's Discord room in those 2 hours and found nothing. I really don't do forums since it's really something I'm not used to, and I am currently uninstalling and in the process of deleting my TeamSpeak account as I wish to never use it again.

Now I tried finding how to delete my account on "Banzore" on here but it seems the option to do so on account settings does not exist, and the forums to contact admin are disabled as I am a new user so I'm hoping to find some insight. If I don't get any help, I'll just log out and hope for the best that the account will be deleted in due time. I'm not even sure if I should be posting this here but quite honestly, I don't know anything about using the old-school "Threads and Forums" system you guys got, and I can't find any posting rules so shrug.

PS: If the account has to be banned in order for it to be "deleted", I'm fine with that.
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