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Which ARK servs are we using?


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I see ArkModedPVE ARKPVP ArkScorch and BaznoreArk2 for Ark servers on our dedicated server.
Which one of these are we not using so I can get them shut down and not charging us for the player slots...




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Double-check with Bawlin, but I know we currently have 4 banzore servers up. 2 scorched earth, and 2 islands.

One of the island servers may be hosted by a member. One of the scorched earth servers can go, but I'm not sure which of the ones you listed there billy.


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It looks like three of our servers are down. Did we do something with them?


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OK, so it looks like there are 3 official banzore servers, all of which are currently offline as of this post.


BanZore.com **Wipe 5/5** TheIsland PvP Increased Rates Mods - United States 0 theisland OFFLINE
BanZore.com **Wipe 4/26** PvP Weekends Increased Rates Mods+ - United States 0 scorchedearth OFFLINE
BanZore PVP + Increased Rates - (v257.54) United States 0 scorchedearth OFFLINE

If these are still available, I would vote to keep the first two. I think the one in red can go, but I'm not 100% certain without logging into the server to see which is which.

Side note: How can we get these servers back online? This is all I've been playing for the past several weeks.