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Donations are used to pay for our servers for everyone's enjoyment. Any excess donations are saved for a rainy day (or month) to keep Banzore servers running strong.

Please make sure your BF4 In-Game Name is set in your profile and that it matches your in-game username exactly in order for automatic VIP role assignment on the servers to work. VIP role assignment will happen within one hour of your donation. If you forget to set your in-game username before donating set it within 7 days of your donation to have the VIP role automatically assigned.

Each $5 donation will yield 30 days of VIP time in all of our BF4 servers. This scales relative to the amount donated. Ex:
  • $5 = 30 days
  • $10 = 60 days
  • $20 = 120 days
  • $50 = 300 days
  • etc.
What is VIP membership? Click here for more information.



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