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    Wut the Wut?

    Happy birthday Hillybilly bro!
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    Batman - Arkham City - Special Edition ?
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    Battlelog video

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    Bf3 Release Dates

    Sweden 27 october 2011 you have to be 16+ to play it in sweden Europe you have to be 16+ to play it in Europe 28 october 2011 USA you have to be 18+ to play it in USA 25 october 2011 Australia 27 october 2011 Unkown
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    Should i buy this

    krudd thats some nice shit there man!
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    Banzore platoon

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    Banzore platoon

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    Interesting articles

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    BF3 Servers will be open at 3AM EST!

    Holy Smokes
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    Most Stupid?

    i know that guy!!!, oohh its me :oops:
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    Battlelog video