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  1. -bZ-LongTrang1

    Dappaloosa - possible aimbot use

    It's 4:19pm PST 6/15/2021 and I just got done observing Dappaloosa after several reports of aimbot use. I suspect he may be using an overlay. I can't see anything in the video itself but he made numerous kill shots at long range on people he absolutely could not see without the magnification...
  2. sioux

    Purple_Muto Aimbot

    So I didn't read the chat in game, but when I reviewed the video it looks like he was banned by a player named Raid_Of_Freedom? I was cycling through players and caught his display of aimbottery. I'm guessing he's banned from the servers...anyway here it is for the record...
  3. sioux

    breezyID Aimbot/ESP

    6/14/2020 @ 2100 Hardcore Locker/Metro/Pearl