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battlefield 4

  1. DiTcH

    Hitler Reacts to UCAVs

  2. SquarePanties

    Battlefield 4 Rate

    Hey guys many have you guys have been my gunner in the helicopter or gotten killed by me (: and I want a rate 1-10 on how good of a pilot I am. 1 being I need flight school 10 being I should be banned. thanks
  3. A

    Mr-Beefy-Peeg TKING

    hello, we had someone trolling your battlefield server today. Mr-Beefy-Peeg was firing rpgs at friendly vehicles and trolling people. heres some video evidence. http://plays.tv/video/576c5395e60c730303/mr-beefy-peeg-shooting-rpgs-our-lav-getting-killed-me-despise-idiots-like-him-