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    New to the Community, Been Playing bZ Servers for a While

    Hello everyone! Thank you all for being a great community and the dev/admin team for running such an organized and tight ship. I made my first donation today and will again in the future. These are hands down the best servers in BF4 and I look forward to fragging with you all in the future...
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    What's up BZ?!

    Hello guys and gals! I submitted my application last week but forgot to introduce myself here! I've been very active on bz5 - HARDCORE TDM for the last month, but will probably make myself known on other BZ servers as time goes on! I am usually active ~4am CST during the week and ~6pm CST or...

    New KILLING FLOOR 2 Server is UP

    For those that don't know or would like to fast level there characters inside Killing Floor 2 me and Bz-Techniz have made a server with the SuperPerkTraining Map added to it so you can play and level till your hearts content we will be hosting for this for 1 month to allow for all BZ members to...