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  • Hey Hawk, As you may have noticed Im having trouble with pb kicking me everytime I join your server. Question can you look into your log files and find my player guid? I cant seem to find the file on my cpu and evenbalance needs this info to remove some global ban? Rest assured Ive never hacked or anything like that. as you can tell by my game play,hahaha. thks alot
    hey Hawk - you replied that you will lift my Ban now after 2 years now a couple of days ago - THANK YOU. I treid logging on with yall yesterday and today and I still cant play on BanZore???? I'm not sure if you forgot to re-instate me or is there something else. Thanx rob
    oblivion, please see further info in your topic. you have a BF4DB Standing Ban that needs to be addressed with BF4DB.com
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    I am playing Lockers, TheDonald2016 is hacking. 86 kills/ 20 or so odd deaths. It was wierd though. His 320s were like full auto. Our squad was close together, but behind various objects. He landed in the middle of us and again it was 'snapping' to each location. His ping was around 30.
    76/37 just now on metro. The gun he uses is an Ace 23. Left after this game.
    Hey hawx,
    Interestingly I was banned from the TeamSpeak tonight. Why? Billy, Neo, Jackson all said I was able to be there. What changed?

    Who banned you?
    Don Austin
    I have no idea. All it said was, you have been banned.
    lhagbhfvafhdjancx jbjdckjnabdksjhbfjknbcjbnkjvbdsjkb -pause- Sorry a spider was on my keyboard...ndfdfbjdfb its dead :D
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