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  • Hey Neo, I did not un -click the recurring payment when I dontated 100.00 last month and got hit for another 100 on my credit card this month. DERP !! Can you stop the recurring payments and refund that last hunsky please ? I love this server, but I cant afford 1200.00 a year to play on...
    I would like to cancel my donations so could stop the charges to my card when you get the chance
    Hey I already told you to cancel my automatic card payment earlier last month. But just before that, it was canceled again. check it out soon
    Hi Neo,

    1. I've been double-charged in January,
    2. and I am paid up to the end of the month, but my perks aren't active.

    Thanks for your attention to this.

    Hello, I've been playing well on this server. It's hard anymore with too many profanities, interruptions and sarcasm. Please cancel my credit card subscription. I don't want to pay anymore.
    The Gaussian Man more like the Gassiest Man am i right


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    Also the double credit can be placed for future months how ever many that is if possible. Let me know if that works. Thanks man. See you in game with my knife if you jump out of that attack boat sometime Som Bich LOL. Hit me up if something cannot be done as requested.
    Neo.... Raider113 here. Cancel my recurring subscription pull here please. I'm fine with one pull of $10 but not two. It's actually double pulling my $10 every month and I didn't know it. Not sure how that happened but it's been for a while. May have been my fault possibly too. Definitely cancel the additional and leave one in place.
    Cancel my VIP please. Pretty sure I still don’t have VIP status after 8 days. I followed instructions posted. Thank you.
    Instructions to donate from which link? Also, please update me to VIP
    Transaction ID9VP78176WP7768906
    How long to get vip?
    Transaction ID9VP78176WP7768906
    If you followed the instructions it generally takes 10-15 minutes to be usable in-game.
    I followed a link yesterday and donated $20. Still no vip. Transaction info in above post. Can you update my status please?
    Also, I have no cell phone so I can't verify on the discord server.
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