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  • Got qualified for Rock On The Range. Picked an envelope off a table but picked the wrong one. Soothing my misfortunes with brandy and Octopussy.
    Up to, "Never Say Never Again". Hoping Mr. Connery wins the day. I have a feeling he will be somehow caught, but kept alive long enough to escape and blow up everything.
    Up to "The Spy Who Loved Me". Skipping " Moonraker" for tonight. Need to get some shows watched. Mad Men, Californication, and Game Of Thrones. Winter is coming!
    Watched Oculus. Now I'm afraid of mirrors. I have also watched Diamonds Are Forever in my James Bond Marathon. Caught myself yelling at the movie like an ethnic person. When James was hanging by a wire he shot into the concrete facing on the top floor of a sky scraper in Vegas. I was like "Hell No." This is odd considering I wish I had the type of buddies who would take me drinking until I passout, parachute me up, then wake me in a freefall from a plane. I missed my calling as an Airborne Ra...
    So the only problem I have with not smoking is that the battery on this Vape keeps running out. Woke with no alternative, which was too much for me to take yet. I have replaced a harmful addiction with a ridiculous one Still waiting on this thing to charge. Already smoked a tiny bit of tobacco. Now I'm pumping coffee into me and telling electricity to move faster.
    Facebook is actually a digital chain letter. If you like someone you are related to, or someone who is a friend, want to have more money rather than less, if you are in support of a particular profession, are against crulity, or war, or slavery, or racisism, or stupid people, if you like animals as pets, if you dislike illness, or cancer, or miss someone who dies, you must repost this to all of your friends or be reticuled as an uncaring person who is somehow intrinsically wrong as a human be...
    I'm doing the James Bond marathon thing this week or two or three. There is so damn many of these, kind of getting double O'ed out. Even watched the 1967 Casino Royale. The one with Peter Sellers and Woody Allen. (Classic!)

    Now I'm up to "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" 1969. Yuck. Each one of the hundreds of James Bond's that were in the first Casino Royale are better then George Lazenby.
    Dudes, vaping is awesome. I'm walking around sucking on a pen and breathing smoke like a dragon. Should have tried this long ago. I hear that you can fill the end of this thing with earwax. Not that I would do such a thing.
    Jesus is keeping me from stopping smoking. I am all set to go to this e-vape store across the street and get one of these smoking alternatives. But apparently smoke shops are christian, and Jesus digs addicts.
    I hate chocolate. The kind of chocolate that is keeping me from being able to complete level 380 in Candy Crush Saga. Not the child slavery chocolate. I love that stuff. Chocolate ice cream is going to be my new cigarette. I don't think this makes me a racist, just an avid gamer. What kid wouldn't want to work in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Those kids should be ecstatic.
    I rarely drink. Because of this I can't seem to remember if it is beer then hard liquor, or the other way around. Solution... Boilermakers!
    I have admittedly yet to preform on a level equal to my blessings of superior genetics, the like of which would cause a Nazi to swoon. Because of this, I know only a life of superior intellect coupled with perfect looks, which before I came into existence, could be admired only on the cover of dime store novellas. Such a curse has lead to a failure of applying myself towards the trivial plights of the common man, who when viewed from this clarity of perspective, clearly show evidence of Darwi...
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