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  • The biggest issue facing Americans today isn't the virus, it's toilet paper storage.
    October 3rd shovel investors... Last chance to sell your shovels!
    There will be a time over the next few months when there are still enough living to bury the dead.
    I question Arnold Schwarzenegger's intelligence. He has been living here in America for decades now, and he still has that accent.
    That accent makes him money, why change it
    NFL Drinking Game. 1 Shot each FG, turnover, safety, or 2 point conversion... 2 Shots each TD. Pick half or game, one team or both, depending on liver. If you are watching Sports Center... Hand over your keys and phone.
    If you believe in the dead rising again, prove it by buying shovels with your money. You will make a killing selling shovels for rescue operations.
    Truth or Dare?
    Having never jumped from an airplane before.... Jump from an airplane in a wingsuit.
    I'm going to go to a buffet lit as fuck. I which you fuckers were with me right now, because we would be having a good ole time. Let's do a get together soon.
    The government has approved me to drive 18 wheels. So now I am a trucker. I will have to practice cursing and getting fat.
    Ground beef, green chillies, peppers, queso cheese, on top of tortilla chips. I'm a nacho nacho man. I wanna be a nacho man.
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