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  • I complain my ban because those guy trupped me and lied to ban me.
    I attached the reason and details about this as the picture (jpeg file) because of the limit of letters.

    Please read the attachment and examinate about above two cases. Thank you.


    • complaint by NICO_3919.JPG
      complaint by NICO_3919.JPG
      1.1 MB · Views: 19
    At the end of your clip there is the enemy running on the ground floor. That is who I fired at while you were crouched. Make yourself a victim all you want, but that was not intentional. Again, I could not say "sorry for tk" from your muting. Wrongful ban. Can't say sorry when muted, but admin can just swing a hammer cause he feels like it.
    Yup that's why you only shot at my head, then ran away instantly.
    Wrongful ban. Simple as. Drunk with videogame power. Kicking is fair, banning is not. I couldn't say sorry per your mute. Almost like you jumped at the opportunity to ban without cause.
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