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  1. P

    Ban Appeal

    Hello I would like to appeal my ban, I was being dumb tbh and fooling around in chat. I will not do it again if given the chance, I should have read the rules.
  2. RowanSoup

    Banned for answering a question and for eating a Tuna Lunch Kit. Please help.

    Last night someone asked 'What ethnicity was Jesus?' I replied saying that he was a -jew-. I instantly got kicked and banned for 24 hours as I had previously reviewed a BumbleBee Tuna Lunch kit and said the word -cracker-. I would wait the 24 hours if I weren't an impatient loser that scheduled...
  3. R

    HI, RLON23 here.

    I was wondering if I could be unbanned from your server, the one with 3 maps. I was because of tk with grenade in the server, I learned my lesson before with Hawk. Any help or answer will be really appreciated.
  4. J

    I think I was banned, can this be undone?

    Today I attempted to join your server (the 24/7 locker/metro server) and it kept disconnecting me saying "griefing."  I don't recall having greifed.  I can only chalk it up to a guy who yelled at me for accidentally flashing him last night.  My Origin name is Jev102.  I'm hoping that if I am...
  5. T

    Revision of banishment.

    Hello guys, how you doing?    Was playing a few minutes ago on yours server (BF4), and without explanation, was banned with the following message: Prior Bans.    Honestly do not understand why the ban. Not disrespected anyone!   Play daily in the CMW and rTr servers and never had problems...