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  1. ILukk3N

    What happened to BZ7

    I was looking at the HC servers and just now that I've been missing the BZ7? What happened?
  2. Robin1991

    Suggestion to admin

    Hello! Not sure if i´m posting at the right place but i got a suggestion for the server i play on - HARDCORE ALL MAPS BANZORE.COM, is it maybe possible to have 6 different maps to vote on instead of just 4 ? theres so many good maps that never gets played because they never show up in the vote...
  3. RabidDogMouth

    Shenanigans In the Super Suit

    BF4 AMTRAC beware headphoners
  4. odranoelzerep

    Nocturne Job

    Por favor, não fique nervoso se alguém vier atrás de você rapidamente trazendo uma faca, isso é amor! kkkkkkkkkk Eu amo a todos, mesmo que sintam ou não o mesmo. Por favor, no te pongas nervioso si alguien viene detrás de ti rápidamente trayendo un cuchillo, ¡es este amor! kkkkkkkkkk Amo a...