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  1. Hardersoft

    I was wondering ....

    I was wondering. Many admins and other folks may, at times, need to observe players during the game, after possible questionable activity. IE wall hacking, exceptionally high kill rates, etc. I was wondering if anyone has been able to detect this type of activity, while observing a player...
  2. NWG_Dredd

    Please BAN the following former NWG player

    Hello, I am Dredd, one of the clan leaders at NWG. I spoke with one of your admins in-game, but unfortunately can't remember his name. I am writing to inform you of a member who we banned, when we found out they were hacking. He currently goes by the name NWG_ThePhychoKid. He has been playing...
  3. C

    Hate much?

    I was recording btw when I was kicked.
  4. GenShineySides

    Akkulla Hacking Metro

    Hey this is for you [NJOY]Dude Seriously, tell your friend hope he enjoyed spending 120 bucks on all the games again. Be waiting for that sorry as well.
  5. GenShineySides

    Hacker on All Maps today

    Use your gut if you suspect someone, check them out.