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  1. ILukk3N

    What happened to BZ7

    I was looking at the HC servers and just now that I've been missing the BZ7? What happened?
  2. TheGaussianMan

    Infy only hardcore rush

    I was playing with someone last night who mentioned that there are no more infy only hardcore rush servers. The previous one shut down, but apparently was always packed. A lot of those players came over to BZ servers. Is there any interest from the group to do another server?
  3. D

    Request to add more map variety to HC Rush (bz#7)

    Could we please add some more map variety to the HC Rush server? As-is, it feels like the rotation always features roughly the same mix of maps (Shanghai, Zavod, Dawnbreaker, Locker, Metro, Pearl, ...). It get boring after a few rounds. Here are a few suggestions: Altai Range Caspian Border...