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  1. G

    What's up BZ?!

    Hello guys and gals! I submitted my application last week but forgot to introduce myself here! I've been very active on bz5 - HARDCORE TDM for the last month, but will probably make myself known on other BZ servers as time goes on! I am usually active ~4am CST during the week and ~6pm CST or...
  2. IBigIBruce

    Good morning, I'm Bruce.

    Bruce of the Big variety. I'm an old BF4 veteran swapping from Xbox to PCMR again. And an absolute menace in a Defuse match. I've been playing with my two bestfriends for holy shit like a decade? I am a competitive player at heart and have no problem playing in any position that needs to be...
  3. Hassan

    Not quite sure how this works

    Pardon me for being a noob with this recruiting process, here is the one of my main reasons i want to join banzore ... I want to have fun and judging by the people on the teamspeak server i would like to make some friends to play BF with :) ... plain and simple!
  4. S

    OK just filled out an app.

    Sup All? Ah to be a recruit again, such a dirty word to some and fresh meat to others :) No really if you'll have me I will only be playing most weekends and some Holidays ok most hollidays, but I don't really play so much nay more my old keyboard and mouse arthritis gets to killing these old...