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  1. W

    Scrim 8-12

    There is a scrim on 8-12. I was told to post in the forums if I wanted to join but I also have a request/necessity. Loneseraph and myself are recruits that would like to join the scrim but we do not want to be separated. Is it possible to join the scrim as a pair? We don't care who we are with...
  2. SnipinU64


    SCRIM PRACTICE Today we had a successful scrim with some new players, we had a nice discussion on tactics. A nice litte website that some basic tips and tactics that everyone should be using to be better at bf4: ...
  3. TeamTuxedo

    =WoA= vs BZ and Friends @ 4/17/2015

    Lets get it offical Haitian and have this friendly! I know you spoke about getting the Best Players you can find (I.E Lord, OFI, Bz) to have a scrimmage against WoA! I dont blame you. Because Bz players alone can't compete :D  (yes yes its friendly trash talking, hopefully to persuade more Bz...