=WoA= vs BZ and Friends @ 4/17/2015


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Lets get it offical Haitian and have this friendly! I know you spoke about getting the Best Players you can find (I.E Lord, OFI, Bz) to have a scrimmage against WoA!
I dont blame you. Because Bz players alone can't compete :D  (yes yes its friendly trash talking, hopefully to persuade more Bz guys to hop in).

=WoA= vs Bz and Friends

Date Time: Proposed Time: 4/17/2016 @ 7 CST! (I know its a little early, but we have some UK/Swedish Players that wants to participate!)

Roster Count: 15v15

Server Location:


So this is what we agreed on so far.



Not allowed: IRNV/FLIR Shotguns(or shorty) / RPG / Smoke / Flash / RAWR / Beacons

Allowed: Teamwork, coordination and good attitudes.

1) Pearl Market - Conquest Small

2) Locker - Conquest Large

3) Propoganda - Chain Link
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EZ Bawlin

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Think its lil early for a scrim and don't really want non clan mates on our team in a scrim imo.


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How about baby steps??

I have yet to see practicing of drills and movements or checkpoint occupation exercises...

we can play scrims all week long until we are blue in the face and I don't see that making people better.

We need to focus on movements and the little details first....

I really HATE to see this much participation/interest get squandered by a lack of planning...


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Bawlin you bring a good point, whats the point in bringing a bunch of randoms into your team to play against us for?

I would play with members first, and if you are short then get some friends. Naturally you want to play and practice (lose or win) with your own clanmates so that everyone improves together.
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Haitian, I think in all fairness for the 3rd map, can we either

you choose the map, and I choose the mode?

or I choose the map, you choose the mode?

Let me know if this sounds good?

Looking forward to another great scrimmage against you guys!!

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Haitian here is you agreeing the weapons restrictions already lets not do this again. One more change we're done.



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Haitian you changed the rules again. Thanks for your time but we aren't interested in playing with you guys anymore. Your inexperience and inability to stick to your own words has made this too difficult to pull off. After playing Bz once i figured you could get your act together. Word of advice let Jackson do the talking.


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Well Jackson mediated, we got the scrim on, everyone had a lot of fun. It was very very one sided. However thanks to Haitian and Jackson for working it out with with us. Good game!

Some negative takeaways from this overall good scrim:

1) Keep Hackusations off the chat. Heck, keep all chat to a minimum! There was one OFI member who kept crying and crying. How embarrassing....
We are a casual clan that scrims fairly often(although very casual). No one cheats in our clan, we have good and bad players alike! We also upload Most of our videos to youtube!


2) Pick a better map that favors Bz, the scrims are not fun when its a blow out. (both rounds)

3) Add weapon restrictions, especially in Hardcore. Nothing is tactical when one 320 takes out an entire squad.

4) Negotiations/Planning shouldn't be difficult, give and take so that both sides can get what they want! It took us the course of 4 days to hash maps and items out...With Jackson involved it took 5 mins....

5) Take non-members out of the scrimmage unless necessary. WoA was also short on players to make our 15v15 count, we had BoC WildNorthern step in and help! If the majority of the players on your side are non members....maybe the player vs player count needs to be change.


1) Everyone showed up on time, ready to play! 

2) Great teamwork and sportsmanship by 99% of all players.


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Thanks for your comments, Tuxedo. We've been out of the scrim game for quite some time, and I think this may be the first time that some of our newer captains have sort have taken the reigns and worked to set some things up. However, I must applaud them for taking the initiative and getting it done in the first place. It isn't easy to herd cats.

I whole-heartedly agree with your comments regarding chat during a scrim. There should be none. If there appears to be hacks or cheating, then simply don't scrim that club again and leave it at that. Just shut your trap until after the round, both in game chat and on TS. It isn't helpful during a scrim.

I also agree that perhaps a smaller pvp count to get our scrim team rolling would be good. It's much easier to manage until things get rolling.

All that said, I am glad that bZ is starting to get this thing going after so many years of inactivity and wishful thinking.

Cheers to all of those that showed up to represent!
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