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  1. mauirixxx

    The Church of UCAV just dropped another video

    only took 4 and a half months to get the motivation to make another one
  2. mauirixxx

    UCAV vs Choppers X: The Church of UCAV - music by Ministry, Psalm 69

    96 choppers downed, barely scratching 10% of the ucav vs chopper clips I have on file ...
  3. mauirixxx

    The "Media "Thread" forum seems to be owned by me. Neat. UCAV vs Choppers 8 for my fellow UCAV whores here :D

    Enjoy! Also, don't forget to subscribe to my onlyucavs! https://onlyucavs.com/mauirixxx
  4. mauirixxx

    I <3 Shanghai

    You really can play how you want there until plebs drop the tower o' fun o_O
  5. mauirixxx

    Spawn protection really saved my bacon!

    I still feel violated though :(
  6. mauirixxx

    Salty twitch streamer is salty

    And I didn't even have to stream snipe him ;)
  7. mauirixxx

    Salt mining on the Caspian border

    I put this together mainly as an excuse to use the song in the background :P
  8. mauirixxx

    UCAV vs Choppers 3: Rise of the UCAV

    I <3 choppers.