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  1. mauirixxx

    Yet ANOTHER UCAV vs Chopper montage :)

    Welcome to The Church of UCAV Let us pray. Today we break-ith daily kill streaks, started wist the beginning of our match. Mighty flying sword we draw upward toward sweaty palmed pilot. Brought swift, unexpected ceasing. May the deceased ever reply this acting upon them- “Bro” or “Bullshit”...
  2. mauirixxx

    The Church of UCAV just dropped another video

    only took 4 and a half months to get the motivation to make another one
  3. mauirixxx

    UCAV vs Choppers X: The Church of UCAV - music by Ministry, Psalm 69

    96 choppers downed, barely scratching 10% of the ucav vs chopper clips I have on file ...
  4. mauirixxx

    The "Media "Thread" forum seems to be owned by me. Neat. UCAV vs Choppers 8 for my fellow UCAV whores here :D

    Enjoy! Also, don't forget to subscribe to my onlyucavs! https://onlyucavs.com/mauirixxx
  5. mauirixxx

    I <3 Shanghai

    You really can play how you want there until plebs drop the tower o' fun o_O
  6. mauirixxx

    Spawn protection really saved my bacon!

    I still feel violated though :(
  7. mauirixxx

    Salty twitch streamer is salty

    And I didn't even have to stream snipe him ;)
  8. mauirixxx

    Salt mining on the Caspian border

    I put this together mainly as an excuse to use the song in the background :P
  9. mauirixxx

    UCAV vs Choppers 3: Rise of the UCAV

    I <3 choppers.