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I have been an admirer of the Battlefield Series since BF1942. When I'm not on set, in a

production house or in the editing room - chances are you can find me in front of my MacPro (yes, I'm playing this on a Mac) playing some BF2, Project Reality, BFBC2, or BF3 (finally).

And just so everyone knows - I am giving my feedback as if the BF3 Beta was the final version of the game.

My feedback key:

+ = Positive Feedback

- = Negative Feedback

? = Personal Suggestion

B = Bug

Let's begin.


- No ability to chat after rounds end.

Reasoning: I enjoy talking to allies and opponents about the round's events, cool kills, and good strategies after the end of each round (not to mention a little trash talk). Comments like "GG" (a.k.a. good game) after matches encourage good teamwork and sportsmanship.

- No ping in "Tab Menu"

Reasoning: It is a given to want to know the status of others/your own connection during a multiplayer game. It's also a good cheat-detection tool (i.e. "Latency at convenient times" Tim has a ping of 58 and 100 kills)

- While most of the voice acting is superb, at certain times it feels like a 21 year-old game developer is ordering airstrikes, probably because it is.

Reasoning: There is a cadence to speech under stress. See "Saving Private Ryan" for details.

- Bullet drop is slightly too drastic

Reasoning: I understand that this isn't ARMA 2, Project Reality, or Deer Hunter 2, but (regardless of the weapon) no one should have to aim 5 degrees higher each 75 meters. With the addition of sway and the breathing technique (which I love), I believe this is a viable point.

+ "Pop" of weapons sounds are super-effective

Reasoning: I have been around guns (real and prop) my entire life. It seems to me, these are true-to-life sounds. Amazing.

- No ability to choose squads in-game

Reasoning: If I'm in a vehicle with a non-squad member and we are on a roll. I would love the ability to switch to his squad and spawn back into the vehicle if I am killed. BF2 and BFBC2 had this ability. I think it should be implemented once again.

+ Color transitions and effects

Reasoning: I'm totally in love with the color transitions and effects when an LAV decides to release a few rounds my way or when I am near a raging fire. Very effective. I can almost feel the heat (HE).

B: In the 2560x1440 resolution the HUD elements are skewed and disproportionate.

+ Weapon Damage

Reasoning: In my personal opinion the Weapon's damage is near-perfect. When presented with the opportunity, the damage system grants me with the ability to kill 3-4 men in a single clip (as long as I am accurate). Congratulations DICE/EA, for the first time in all of gaming history - you have created a game where, when I pump a second or two of lead into someone's chest and I think to myself "they should be dead"...they ARE. Well done. Headshots count like they should, pistols aren't nerfed, a sniper bullet to the chest (with a bolt-action) is a kill, and grenades are super-deadly (but have a fuse long enough to evade them). Well done.

? Combat dialogue (Out of Ammo! Enemy Sighted...etc.) should only be yelled in the standing or crouched position.

Reasoning: I can't tell you how many times I've killed a proned enemy perfectly camouflaged in a bush because a bullet inadvertently whizzed by him.

+ Character Models and Hit Models

Reasoning: The High-Res textures of BFBC2 and the BF2 emphasis of moment all in one. Perfect. Hit Models seem to be spot on.

- Expository Combat Dialogue

Reasoning: I've heard "Enemy Infantry in your area" nearly a thousand times and I think to myself - that's rather obvious isn't it. If there is to be expositional combat dialogue it should be area specific (designated by the dev. team). For Example: When a soldier is spotted by a friendly near objective B - it'd be nice to hear "Enemy soldier is spotted by Objective B. Out." I know that's heavy suggestion, but to be honest it wouldn't be too hard to implement. No need to add meters, direction, or classes (unless it's a sniper) into dialogue.

- After-round smoke background is awesome, but obvious graphical patterns emerge

Reasoning: I'm a big fan of the look and feeling of the after-round menu, but in needs some polish. However, I do like the "movements" of achievements, ribbons, earned upgrades, as they are reviewed.

- No ability to customize equipment between rounds.

Reasoning: The moment I'm given the ability to spawn at the beginning of each round, I'm going to take that opportunity. It would be nice to be able to outfit and customize myself so I can hit "Deploy" the second it's available and be ready.

+ Me-Him After-death Stats

Reasoning: LOVE THIS ADDITION. Adds that personal nemesis aspect to the game that we all secretly love, and it does so without announcing it blatantly (sometimes upsetting the failed player).

+ Flare/Bloom/Overexposure

Reasoning: While at first I didn't really understand it's point. I have since changed my mind. As a professional cinematographer, I understand the advantages and disadvantages of contrast and overexposure. The latitude (number of stops of light between white and black) in this game is close to Super 16mm film. The bright areas aren't so blown out to not be able to see an opponent, and the blacks aren't too deep to lose any separation in the darkness. Over all, I am an advocate of this visual style. A very cinematic touch, but without distracting from the gameplay. The opposite: Kane & Lynch - which tried to imitate the MiniDV format, but instead resulted in isolating players and giving them a headache.

+ Soldiers hold RPG by the front of weapon and by the round

Reasoning: No one sprints with an RPG on their shoulder. The animation for sprinting with RPG really caught my eye. Your soldier secures the front of the round with his left and and runs. It's the little things. Who ever did this animation should get a raise.

- Vaulting over fallen trees is hit/miss

Reasoning: I can't imagine the coding involved in making a thing like that possible, but it would be impressive to see this make it into the game. Vaulting fallen trees would be nice too see.

? Slightly faster run with the knife

Reasoning: I've chased (knife-in-hand) a support gunner across a map in hopes of catching up with him and sinking the bad boy into his back. If he is at full sprint (even with machine-gun equipped) and I have nothing but a knife in my hand. I think there should be a slight increase in speed with the knife, and I mean slight.

+ Knife Kills! Knife Kills! Knife Kills!

Reasoning: A melee system that actually works. Unbelievable. Taking the best parts from TF2 (knife position changes when ready to backstab) you have successfully implemented a system to kill an opponent with a knife. You can come from the side, the back, above - perfect. Don't change a thing.

+ Shotgun spread is near-perfect

Reasoning: A shotgun is a rare site in BFBC2 or BF2. Not anymore. They are effective. They have the appropriate range. They have that metallic feel and sound of combat shotguns. A full "clip" kills an enemy at twenty-five meters while a single round finishes them at five. Well done all around.

+ End of round Flash

Reasoning: It's an awesome moment to getting a running headshot half-a-second before the round ends. The flash/fade-to-white is just fantastic.

? Slow-motion the last second (literally) at the end-of-the-round. This is one visual aspect of CODMW2's final Killcam that impressed me. Very cinematic, and by that point - didn't matter when it came to gameplay.

-/+ Great Effects/Bad Mixing

Reasoning: The game sounds incredible, but often I can't here my own grenades go off. There's an obvious balance problem between what you hear around your player and the background. I do want to be able to hear someone sneaking up on me, but I also want to be able hear the grenade I threw five seconds earlier.

- Blood splatter eye-sore

Reasoning: I'm admirer of the amount of blood/gore in BF3. Seems just right and it won't put them over that precious rating. Every once in a while I'll spot a awkward (best word I could think of) circular blood splatter against a rock or tree. The color is slightly pink (which is perfectly realistic in Metro's lighting) but there's something odd about it.

+ Crosshairs are small and intrusiveness

Reasoning: Semi-transparent, small, and organic - I have always been able to see them and they've never got in the way. Perfect.

-/+/? Healing/Health System

Reasoning: I'm sure to take some heat for this one. I understand the regenerative health system. I really do. You get into trouble, you make it out alive, you wait for a while, you head back into the fight instead of wandering around in search of medpacks when you could just have easily respawned at 100%. There isn't really a right answer here. I think balance is the right key. I've always been an advocate of Halo: Combat Evolved's (Yes, the original Xbox game) health system. Before you say it - I'm not suggesting shields. In Halo each player had eight notches of help and a shield. Once the shield was diminished they would start to take physical damage (thus depleting the notches) and eventually croak over. Got it? My idea: Treat armor (chest and lower abdomen only) as the shield. It'll take two or three rounds before you start to take physical damage into the chest. It "regenerates" like normal after a beat. But if the armor took four rounds (I say this speculatively) then you loss a notch, two, three...whatever. Hits to the arms, legs, feet, maybe even back would remove physical damage - though obviously not as much as chest and head. If you're physical damage is low - Get near that medpack! Example: After taking a all-too-close shotgun blast to the chest and find myself still alive I'll, obviously, run to the nearest medic - but usually by the time I get there I'm healed.

Remember folks - this


hell, i'm just going to nod...

i sorta stopped reading when the dude said the guns sound real


-bZ- Member
I had to buy a sata dvd drive nows I got it and I am installing the OS thens all me drivers then I be downloadin TS3 and wiz login hope I stillz remember gettin closer guys u know I am half retearted on this shit


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Wiz said:
I had to buy a sata dvd drive nows I got it and I am installing the OS thens all me drivers then I be downloadin TS3 and wiz login hope I stillz remember gettin closer guys u know I am half retearted on this shit
STEP ONE : Admitting there is a problem...

Wiz you are halfway there my friend....