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And you thought you had balls!!

Check this guy out, he is proximity flying. I will do this some day, and probably die. But what a way to go.



yeah... i won't be doing that

besides, i don't think i'm very aerodynamic

and i love how the guy wears a helmet... that makes perfect sense


-bZ- Member
not to worry cube theres a weight limit for thos suits, its the only reason i havent done it


-bZ- Code Monkey
At first I thought, what kinda vehicle looks like that in BF3? Then I thought, where the fuck are there balloons in BF3? Then I realized it was real life.
Wiz said:
ummm u posted this before and I wood do this easily
Get to werk Wiz, you need 200 regular jumps before you can even get into the class and be taught how to do that. You have some decent jump schools out near you. Before the end of the year you can get close to 200. Then we can take the flight class together. Then go over to Austria, and do the dam thing. Its on my bucket list for sure.