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Any New TV Streaming Setups


-bZ- Member
Yup. Tried Kodi. Not sure I like running a broken version of the Fire TV. I don't watch much outside of prime, Netflix, and hulu. Now I do have a ton of torrented movies and the standard codecs for a fire TV are kinda meagre, and transcoding everything again is a pain. For that I liked Kodi. But anymore I just stream from my PC to the Fire TV to avoid the hassle. I dislike paying for HBO go when it is just for one show, game of thrones.


-bZ- Code Monkey
Are the Android boxes plug and play?

Or do you have to flash it with OS?

It is just an Google TV, I put Kodi on it since that is what I am using as a front end on all of my devices.  Play time, seek point, watched list, etc, all sync up between devices.

How does an Android Box differ from say, a Chromecast?

Chromecast is mainly for streaming I assume, I don't use one.

Android TV is a full blown Android OS in a box.  Anything you can do with an Android device, you can do with an Android box.  I have bluetooth/USB controllers hooked up to mine as well so my kid can play NES games and Android games.  It is a FULL OS, not some stripped down software like Chromecast.