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any thoughts


-bZ- Member
i want to get a new monitor around 23 inch and something that is good......does anyone have any ideas


Bald fat guy.
-bZ- Member
I do my best thinkin while I'm poopin. I'm gonna' take my Micro Center flyer into the shitter and get right back to you!


Bald fat guy.
-bZ- Member
I'm done. I played plants vs zombies instead and got nothin for ya. sorry


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Go full led monitor...they have really thin edges and say full led all over the box....

do not buy a lcd monitor with a led backlight.....these types are not full led monitors...

go with 2ms response time or less...anything higher is a piece of crap....

go with a really high contrast ratio....I mean like 50,000 or higher ratios...

asus....viewsonic....and LG make the best FULL LED monitors......

I hope this helps...