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Ark Pve Server


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-bZ- Member
Was Asked about my Pve Server at the meeting. Here is the info on that

Server Name: Arkoholics
Server IP + Query Port :
Players 10 slot (will upgrade if it gets traffic)

Structure Plus
Platforms Plus
Pearl Converter
Resource Stacks
Tek Bench
Teleport Pad

Current Rates: (Still Tweaking to Accommodate most people) ( People who have tons of time and people who are more limited game time)

Harvest- 4x
Exp -5x
Taming -7x
Pve Carry- on
Gamma- on
Flying/building in caves-on
*Maturation and Egg Hatch Rate increased* (Just needs to be tested)


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I was really big into Rust for a while so I might try Ark next weekend to comp a feel :)