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Arma III


Bald fat guy.
-bZ- Member
Not that anybody here will probably get it, but it does look sweet




Bald fat guy.
-bZ- Member
Run this shit in 720p, fucking blink your eyes, and when the camera goes up and you see the whole landscape, think to yourself, that's a lot of fucking walking.



-bZ- Member
Revamped Engine

Navigate the battlefield with fluid new animations; feel the devastating power of combat with the upgraded sound engine, new ragdoll simulation and PhysX™-supported vehicles.

Solo Campaign

Evolve from hunted prey to military commander in the varied, gameplay-driven, singleplayer campaign.

Online Warfare

Pick a side, form a squad and team up against your enemy in massive competitive and co-operative battles on multi-platform dedicated servers.

Content Creation

Design your own missions, campaigns and scenarios with the powerful mission editor; join

our massive community and share them for others to play.
Looks good.

Christ, look @ the detail...

What supercomputer upgrades will be required to run the damn thing???