Atlas - Banzore Resource Guide


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I haven't found any resource guide that is very useful online yet, so I thought I would start one if only for myself to know and remember what resources are where. I started sailing lots and I can't remember where all these things are.

Here is a link to Google Doc spreadsheet that is editable by anyone with the link. We'll change that as needed.

The cells are set up like the grids on the map. I have found that there are usually three islands per server/cell. I have set up the cells in this way.

If you would like to contribute to the guide, please name the island in the proper cell, right click on the island name and select "Insert Notes". Then type in whatever resources or notes for this island that you deem relevant. Then we can just hover over the island name to read those notes and see what is there.

I hope we can utilize this and I hope it works!
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