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Appeal Approved Ban Appeal: 2ZeroFoxtrot4

In-game Name 2ZeroFoxtrot4

Have you cheated before? No

What's your side of the story as to why you were banned? A player called me dogshit after a match on metro. I chugged when checking the scoreboard and seen that I had significantly more kills than him. I commented back his kills and said he was retarded. My intentions were not to insult him directly but to simply a response to his statement . This was shortly after I was teamkilled by a gernade which I found funny how it happened. I replied to the player in chat that it was okay because I accidentally killed t8s too that game. But again my response was not to be little him or literally meaning he was retarded my apologies.

Why should we lift your ban? Above statement. My intentions were not ill willed and only for a reply to his statement to me being dogshit as I had significantly more kills than him. My apologies

Kick reason (from Battlelog) N/A

I have checked and verified that I am not banned at https://bf4db.com Yes

I have checked and verified that I am not banned at https://battlefield.agency Yes


Staff member
-bZ- Member
BF4 Admin
You were given a 7 day tempban by our automated chat system for using terms deemed as racial slurs.
This was not due to calling someone retarded as that's not a term we filter out of chat. Looking back at the logs it appears you were talking to a player and not using a racial term, thus I will lift your ban. In the future however, please look at the warnings given to you in chat. The server killed you twice for saying a word that wasn't allowed, it's best not to ignore those.