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Appeal Denied Ban Appeal: BiscuitPuffer

In-game Name BiscuitPuffer

Have you cheated before? Never

What's your side of the story as to why you were banned? Booted up the game one day when I got back from leave and all Banzore servers automatically kick me upon joining? I really don't understand at all. I have never cheated on any FPS game in my life so I'd like to open up some inquiry on why I am experiencing this issue.

Why should we lift your ban? I'm a U.S service member of the Air Force. I don't really have much time to game, and when I get a moment, Battlefield 4 is one of my preferred choices. In a game that is no longer as popular as recent titles in the series, the amount of servers begins to dwindle and now I can barely play the game because Banzore operates the majority of the servers I have a viable connection to from Alaska. I'd appreciate if someone could please get back to me and explain this. I've never used cheats or mods in an online game.

Kick reason (from Battlelog) No idea. Was on leave and decided to boot up the game while I recover from a service injury and I cant enter any Banzore server for longer than ten seconds before being kicked by an admin. Doesn't state a reason just says kicked by admin.

I have checked and verified that I am not banned at https://bf4db.com Yes

I have checked and verified that I am not banned at https://battlefield.agency Yes


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We do not tolerate racism or filter evasion. When players try to evade our automatic language filter they are issued severe temporary bans. When players try to bait others into getting temporary bans due to language violations, the player baiting receives a permanent ban.







Thank you for your service but you'll need to play elsewhere.