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Appeal Approved Ban Appeal: ElusiveKro

In-game Name ElusiveKro

Have you cheated before? Never cheated

What's your side of the story as to why you were banned? I teamkilled a player who was moarting at the back of the map for the whole game and the whole server was complaining, admittedly I had a few beverages and made a silly move.

Why should we lift your ban? It was a silly mistake and would like to be able to play with my friends again on one of our favorite games. Was not something I do ever and don't intend on making it again.


-bZ- Member
BF4 Admin
Intentional teamkilling is always against the rules, regardless of if everybody is complaining. Since it has been six months, I am willing to accept your appeal, but I do not want to see your name come up again in the future. The validity of another's gameplay style is never up to another player, everybody is entitled to their own fun! Appeal approved, stay out of trouble.