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External Ban Ban Appeal: FRAGNATiiX

In-game Name FRAGNATiiX

Have you cheated before? I despise cheating. I've never cheated. I never will

What's your side of the story as to why you were banned? I was originally banned because of a User named SiG3L simply accused me of hacking, solely based off my in-game performance. Sig3l recorded my ingame performance in the next round, and in his rage, he mistook my bf4 map knowledge, 13+ year FPS gaming experience (10 year bf player), for wallhacks. So let me explain what the video really shows and address some questions im sure you all have.

Question 1.) How does FRAGNATiiX shoot through smoke (sometimes) or accurately pre-Aim when sniping (sometimes)?
Answer: I have 10+ years of fps gaming experience, good headphones on high volume (40-50 volume), keen ability to detect footstep, shooting, screams, spawn in sound, gun reload, grenade pin pull sound, Directions. When I sound with my headphones, foot steps and other sounds dont just come from the right and end up on my left. The sound travels like in real life. From left, to front center, and then to my right everytime in bf4. And vice versa. Also I multi task very well in games due to playing them for so long. So while I am aware of my teams position I am aware of majority of enemies postions based off the sounds made in the room im in or about to enter. How many shots went off, which direction, what are people yelling, are the questions going through my head upon entering a room ingame.

Question 2.) why does FRAGNATiiX's ingame KDR stats not reflect how he plays to date?
Answer: I used to play on low quality rigs, Now I have a much better rig (I went from 50 fps + 60hz school pc/s TO 150 fps + 144hz gaming pc). My recent jump in gaming performance is a direct reflection in my recent purchase of a much quicker, smoother, and efficient gaming rig. My new rig allows me to play with my true, legit, human potential.

I really dont know what else to say except I dont hack at all, never will, and am willing to take any tests to prove I dont hack. I love you guys servers as they are the only hardcore servers available today with my favorite maps. I hope to resolve this issue.

Why should we lift your ban? Because you guys are intelligent, kind and understanding human beings that only ban Cheaters. Also, I'm not a hacker/cheater. Just a guy sitting at home playing games after a long day at work.


-bZ- Member
BF4 Admin
Unfortunately, you are not banned by us directly. You will have to appeal with both BA and BF4DB to lift the bans.