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Appeal Approved Ban Appeal: G1USEPPEE


New Member
In-game Name G1USEPPEE

Have you cheated before? Never

What's your side of the story as to why you were banned? I spoke to an admin from the discord srvr and he confirmed that I was excluded by teamkill. I don't know how the banning system works but this was not intentional and I think it is due to accumulation that I had in the last game I played. Thank you in advance for seeing this situation. To any question I can answer by Discord my name is Marco. Regards

Why should we lift your ban? I never cheat and my intention is not griefing harming own team, I just want to play and hang out as it is one of the few hardcore srvr you can find.
I think my ban was a misunderstanding of the system but I hope it can be fixed.

Thank you very much


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Senior Admin
Seems your last game played here, there was an excessive amount of tk's. You last round had 5 tk's under a minute with no kills. This is your last, chance appeal approved.