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Appeal Approved Ban Appeal: Reklessgaming


New Member
In-game Name Reklessgaming

Have you cheated before? never have never will

What's your side of the story as to why you were banned? 1. if its a ban due to multiple kicks for my punkbuster not working due to me moving my bf4 from hdd to m.2 which caused punkbuster to freak out ultimately having me completely uninstall bf4 and reinstall it to get it to work than thats not on me, bf4 just dumb.
2. today while on locker i was scaling the mountain above D door to get angle on a sniper i may have jumped a little to high onto the mountain which apparently gets you kicked for whatever new to pc bf4 only had my pc for the past month and some odd days.

Why should we lift your ban? honest mistake no hacks on my computer just went too high on the mountain. you guys run good servers and just so happen to have the majority of active HC servers and would hate to stop playing bf4 over this.