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Temp Ban Ban Appeal: Unstoppablegurb

In-game Name Unstoppablegurb

Have you cheated before? No

What's your side of the story as to why you were banned? I was joking around in chat about 9/11. It was a joke, multiple other people were also engaging. Similar to following the flow of traffic on the freeway but the cop only pulls you over and tickets.

Why should we lift your ban? BF4 is my favorite game, your servers are the main populated ones. I will never chat again.

Kick reason (from Battlelog) Discussing politics.

I have checked and verified that I am not banned at https://bf4db.com Yes

I have checked and verified that I am not banned at https://battlefield.agency Yes
You currently have a temporary ban that expires in ~12 hours.
I have provided our current rules below, we do not allow the discussion on politics on our servers. The others who joined in were also issued a punish.

You were issued a temporary ban due to having a run in with our automatic language filter. We operate on a point system, they will be auto forgiven if you go a month without issue.
Please refrain from politics, racism or anything related to the discussion of jews. Our language filter doesn't understand context so if you discuss such things, it'll punish you for it.
Let me know if you have any additional questions.