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Battle field close quarters trailer


whoever had that penthouse apartment is going to be really rethinking those white couches after the game is over.

It looks like they're adding an ACR, an L85A1, and a Vector from what I can see in the video and screenshots. :eek: Plus others probably.

EDIT: Okay, so I looked over the video and it looks like, from the kill thingy, and just from what they're holding, it looks like they're adding an ACW-R, Vector (which kind of looked like a short AUG, I dunno), an L86A1(LMG version of a L85A2), a TAR, SPAS-12, the words were kind of blurry, but it looked like an ALIG, adding an AUG, something called an LSAT?, and a SCAR-L(They already have a SCAR-H), That's 9, so I'm missing a gun... but those are what I got.