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Battle field close quarters trailer


-bZ- Member


whoever had that penthouse apartment is going to be really rethinking those white couches after the game is over.

It looks like they're adding an ACR, an L85A1, and a Vector from what I can see in the video and screenshots. :eek: Plus others probably.

EDIT: Okay, so I looked over the video and it looks like, from the kill thingy, and just from what they're holding, it looks like they're adding an ACW-R, Vector (which kind of looked like a short AUG, I dunno), an L86A1(LMG version of a L85A2), a TAR, SPAS-12, the words were kind of blurry, but it looked like an ALIG, adding an AUG, something called an LSAT?, and a SCAR-L(They already have a SCAR-H), That's 9, so I'm missing a gun... but those are what I got.