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battleblog #11


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Just thought I would point out a few highlights for the reading challenged among us.

Worth noting: Conquest mode will be the only mode available for 64 players. Every other mode will max out at 32 players or less.

Battlefield 3 has it all. All of the 9 huge multiplayer maps in Battlefield 3 adapt to all 5 game modes, effectively giving you 45 distinctly different multiplayer experiences to choose between.
Regarding Rush:

Some of the gameplay tweaks we are bringing to Rush are:* You cannot use explosives or shoot at the M-COM to take it out. Only arm and disarm.

* If the attacking team arms the M-COM but runs out of tickets, the match will continue until the M-COM detonates or defenders disarm it

* If the defenders start disarming an M-COM just before it’s about to blow, the explosion is prevented until the disarm is accomplished. If the defender gets killed during the disarm process, the M-COM will instantly blow
Not a fan of vehicles? No problem -- just click the “Infantry Only” box in your server browser when searching for a server game where no attack vehicles will spawn in, only transports. This is a great way to get a feel for the game or the map before you go all-out warfare.There is something for everyone in Battlefield 3’s adaptable array of multiplayer modes, maps, and modifiers. Add our many customization options for vehicles, weapons and classes, and you can see why we call this our biggest and deepest Battlefield yet.